innovative network
of lawyers
which offers services
at national and international level

International Excellent Solutions
Legal Network

IES – International Excellent Solutions, Legal Network is an innovative network of lawyers providing legal advice, deeds and contracts drafting services, as well as defence in judicial disputes and arbitrations at both national and international level. Unlike traditional networks and international law firms, IES does not restrict itself to offering potential clients a showcase of independent firms or several offices to address or be addressed.
Clients who turn to IES are given a guarantee that they will deal with the same professionals, from their first contact to the conclusion of their case, who will assist them directly both in their country and abroad, through personal contact and interaction with their network colleagues. Choosing a lawyer is not, in fact, the same as buying a product from any of the stores that sell it. Due to the sensitivity of the issues normally entrusted to them, lawyers are professionals with whom the client must be able to establish a relationship of trust based on competence, ease of access and straightforward communication. This is the kind of care that IES professionals aim to offer.


The professionals in the network mainly work in the area of business law, and more generally in the area of private law relationships, with high-level knowledge of European Union and international law.


IES has its headquarters in Milan, in the very heart of Italy’s business and international relations.

Via Rugabella, 1 - 20122 Milan (MI) - Italy
Phone +39 02 48028983
Fax +39 02 43419513